Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 67

Broken spoon Ben n Jerry ice cream Bliss!

Had been craving ice cream the past 2 days and I usually don't crave ice cream, but my bff Salt told me about her fav B&J ice cream, the oatmeal cookie crunch flavor. Oh i know, I had been proud of my creation, my breakfast of champion "cookie dough oatmeal" (please refer to Day 60). So Salt told me about this flavor and ice cream was on my mind. So today at lunch we went and each got 2! Great sale, 2 for $6 Woohoo! came back and broke my silly plastic spoon carving and scooping away. It was pure blissful ice-cream-eating-spoon-breaking moments!!

I got the chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate fudge brownie. Verdict: Choc chip cookie dough!

expected bliss: 24, unexpected bliss: 43

Day 66


OMGOMG I met Lucy! lol ok ok I know that it is an actress but still, I was SO excited to go take the picture with her. Gotta hand it to her, she stayed in character the whole time. Lucy makes me happy. Those that know me well know I love I Love Lucy! I have Lucy slippers, checkbook, wallet, books and drinking glasses. Many days after work I have dinner with Lucy. The show in general just makes me happy and feel safe in a way that is hard to explain. It brings me to childhood, to happy times, to feeling at home. I can and have watched the same episodes over and over and over. Stilllll makes me laugh and blissfully content.

expected bliss: 24, unexpected bliss: 42

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 65

Panera both sandwich bliss!

Please don't ask me to choose because I can't! Went to pick up lunch and couldn't decide which ones so decided to go the healthy route. Ordered the two with lowest amount of calories (they still sounded super yummy) and got the mediterranean veggie and the tuna. OMG both were amazing in flavor. Could not for the life of me pick one. I choose both! Both Bliss! You know how some people believe that you can love 2 people at the same time? I am not here to argue that. I am here to tell you world, that you CAN love both sandwiches at the same time!

expected bliss: 24, unexpected bliss: 41

Day 64

Sleeping doggy bliss...

Bunnies, hugs, balls and big bones...I imagine that is what Sleeping Sierra was dreaming yesterday. This sweet strong doggy provided me part of my volunteer hours and bliss with her company. She was adopted today :)

expected bliss: 24, unexpected bliss: 40

Day 63

Royal Capital Seafood Bliss...

Took friend here for his birthday lunch and I got power hungry when he said I can take care of ordering for us. So above picture has the beancurd, salted pork chops, sauteed pea sprouts, beef chow fun and the...drumroll special fish! That dish is the bomb! Ate and caught up with each other. What other kind of bliss is there again?? O wait, o yea, there is plenty but this is just pure food bliss pleasure!

expected bliss: 23, unexpected bliss: 40

Day 62

Cat fan bliss....

Just moved to a new office and now facing out to the parking lot, but beyond that the golf course to the trees to the sky...there has been a lot going on at work and one morning upon arrival found this 2 sided fun fan of startled kitty waiting for me. Gift from neighbor D. Cracked me up and every once in awhile make eye contact with Mr. Cat and get a good laugh in the midst of the work doodoo.

expected bliss: 22, unexpected bliss: 40

Day 61

Bow Heel Bliss...

Snagged these heels from honey's store! Scored! All right I will be honest and candid with you here. When I first laid eyes on them a few words came to mind: Jetson's, space and that's a big fat gift with that bow! However, after seeing it on, new vocabulary: cuuuuuuute! I guess I have wrapped my ankles and feet a nice lil present! Match it with a cute black dress or some shorts and I am off to town with the love!

expected bliss: 22, unexpcted bliss: 39